Friendships during sports


Many friendships are made during a season in any sport. This is a great thing because when these bounds are made, the team will play better. Players will begin to play better because of these friendships. Team chemistry is a very major thing for success in any team. Every team needs to know how everyone plays and where certain players a better at so they can try and use those traits as an advantage.


Where hard work is done


There is always a time and place for hard work. An athlete has a certain place where they train to get better. Basketball players will go to a court, football players will go to the field, what ever suits the needs of success, they will follow. Hard work and practice in these places are what make all stars the way they are. To these all stars, it doesn’t seem like hard work, all it is is doing what they love then, and basking in the benefits later.


The right equipment and what it takes to earn it


Having the right equipment is essential to being great on the field. Of course, having to best equipment doesn’t make you the best player on the field. Many athletes have signature shoes or cleats because of how good they are. Hard work and time are things that are needed to achieve a goal such as this. When an athlete achieves this goal, many great things come from it. A brand can excel from signing a new great athlete to sponsor there brand and make them more money. Also, the athlete will be noticed more and become more and more famous throughout the sports world.


Favorite teams


Every fan has a favorite team. Many people can favor a team because of where they live, family traditions, or a favorite player. Some athletes can have such an effect on fans because of their performance on the court they can make them become fans of the team they play for. Steph Curry and Lebron James are two of the most known athletes of our generation. Both of their teams have a huge fan base because of how much they are loved by sports fan all over the world.




Motivation is key during every game in sports. It’s what drives a team to be successful and get pumped for a big game. Many teams have a motto, that means something that symbolizes them and their season to keep them motivated when times get tough. Having a motto helps a team greatly because it also brings teammates closer and bonds form during the season. A certain type of motivation no matter what it is is healthy for every team and boosts the team chemistry which makes them win.


Every athlete has a sport and symbol


An athlete has a sport they excel at, it can either be football, basketball, baseball, etc. There are also people who are known as natural athletes who excel at any sport they play. But anyways, when someone mentions or thinks about a certain athlete, a certain image comes to mind. This stands for the symbol they get over their career. They can be remembered over countless years because of this symbolization.

team work

Team Work


A team is what gets victories. There is no such thing as a “one man” team as many people say there are. Without team work, a team would crumble down and never be successful. When a game is on the line, everyone needs to do their part, and do it right. If only one person does their part and the rest of the team doesn’t try, no success will come out of it. Team work is one of the most important things when it comes to sports, or anything in life for that matter. IMG_0286