The Team Logo


The team logo is just another cool logo to the people on the outside looking in. But to the team it’s who they are and who they represent. The logo is what they play for and give a reputation of to other rivals. Every team tries to represent their logo as courageous, determined, hard workers, etc. Representation of who their team really is and the reason they play, to win.




Pride is one thing every athlete has. When success comes, the humbleness comes out because of how grateful they are to achieve any of the goals they set for themselves. They feel this way because they realize how hard it was to get to that point. They think back on all of the training sessions, every coach they’ve ever had, and especially their parents. They have many things that made them successful, and that is what pride is made out of in an athlete.


Sports and future


Sports and a persons future with sports is major. When someone plays a sport, they most likely do it because it’s what they love to do. Which is why all great athletes are as successful as they are. A future in sports can lead to major fame and fortune, also becoming better until the day retirement comes. Playing sports isn’t something people do just because they need something to do, they do it because it’s what they love.




Many if not all athletes in the NFL are very athletic. Some players just as Odell Beckham jr. is the king of one handed catches. He got that name because of his unbelievable athletic ability and for all the one hand catches he’s had over his career so far. He does many, many drills to get the amazing hands he has so he is able to catch what ever is thrown at him. His hard work and dedication has made him very successful.


Fans hooked on the game

Many people all over the country tune in on games no matter what the sport on television. Watching sports isn’t just sitting on the couch and being lazy, it can bring people together for something they love. Families such as mine are big steelers fans, so every year we try to make it to at least 1 or 2 games a year and catch the rest on T.V. Sports bring family and friends together and are always really fun to watch. The intense moments of the game also are incredibly fun because the only thing that is being processed in the brain is what is going to happen next, and it leaves everybody in the room or stadium hooked on the game.




Courage is what every athlete has in their arsenal. It is a very important trait because it will bring out the true player they really are in any moment in the game. When a game comes down to the wire, many athletes are known as “clutch” players because of the great plays the perform during intense moments. Courage can be thanked for that, sacrificing their body for the game, or sticking up for another player are both signs of courage in an athlete.